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Jade - An unexpected conversion

Jade was not brought up in a Christian home.

Photo of Jade
Her parents only ever attended church for weddings and funerals and didn't christen Jade or her sisters as they wanted the girls to be able to choose for themselves. "No-one (least of all me!) expected me to choose Christianity." Jade reflects on her childhood and regrets missing out on so many years of Bible teaching. Sometimes, after church on a Sunday, I walk past the Sunday school classes where the children are singing and learning Bible stories, and I think, "I wish I'd been to Sunday school." I feel that somehow I have missed out on a lot of valuable Bible knowledge and a lot of, what always looks like fun, because I didn't become a Christian until I was 19.

Just before the end of her sixth form education Jade started to date a boy called Richard. She didn't know much about him and so was quite concerned when one day Richard confessed that he had something to tell her. Imagining the worst Jade was both relieved and confused to hear what came next, "My family are Christians." At the time Richard was a Christian but was struggling in his faith and was trying to run away from God. Jade could see no problem with Richard's family being Christians because, to her, this just meant that they went to church on a Sunday, probably read the Bible and were generally quite good people. All of these things turned out to be true, but she was soon to realise that these things do not make you a Christian, they are just a part of the Christian life.

Although Jade would describe herself at this time as a cynical atheist, she was curious about her new boyfriend's life and found it inconvenient that she couldn't see him much on a Sunday so she decided to start attending church on a Sunday evening. Richard had some friends at St Mellons Baptist so they decided to start coming to the church together. From this point on, Jade is unsure as to when she was actually saved as there was not a specific moment where she remembers becoming a Christian. However, she does clearly remember that when she heard the preacher explaining that we were all sinners who needed a Saviour, she knew that God was talking to her. This scared her as at that time she didn't even believe in God. "I did not believe in Heaven or Hell and I certainly did not think I was a sinner." And yet, to put it in Jade's own words, "Here was God (who didn't exist), telling me that I was sinful (I thought I was alright) and on my way to hell (which wasn't real). How could I have gone from being a cynical, argumentative, stubborn unbeliever to a believer convicted of her sin, so very quickly?" Dr Andy Christofides was the preacher Jade was listening to and despite being a very clear speaker he could not convince people of their need for God; only God could do that.

And so Jade knew that it wasn't some clever trick or convincing argument, but God himself showing her the truth. Jade went home from church one evening and prayed for the first time. "I didn't know if I was doing it right but I knew I had to pray with all my heart that God would forgive me. God had completely takenme by surprise and showed me that Jesus Christ has died for me; I was saved!"

Since then Jade has been baptised and both she and Richard have become members of the church – they also got married in 2009. It hasn't been easy for her friends and family to get used the new Jade and the changes in her life, but God has given her opportunities to explain what has happened to her to bring about these changes.

Richard and Jade have now become involved in running a junior club every Friday at the church for the children in the area, where they play games and spread the wonderful news about Jesus Christ. "I am still growing as a Christian and I may not know all of the Sunday school songs or stories of the Bible, but I do know the most important thing of all and it has changed my life forever."