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Thought for the Week

Every week, our former assistant minister, Peter Milsom, writes an article which relates the teaching of the Bible to daily life and current events. These weekly articles are brought to you from the Thought for the Week website. You can read more about the ministry here.

We invite you to read the articles each week and pray that they will enable you to find real help and encouragement in God’s Word and especially in his Son, Jesus Christ. The articles are also published every week in newspapers throughout the UK.

  • A major earthquake has struck south-east Turkey and north Syria. Early reports say more than 500 people have died with thousands more injured. The final death toll is likely to be far greater. Many of the people affected are Kurdish. The 7.8 magnitude earthquake struck during the night when most people were asleep in their […]
  • Life expectancy for men and women in Britain reduced because of the Covid-19 pandemic but still the average age is high. In 2020 the median age at death was 81.8 years for men and 85.5 years for women, a fall of 1.3 years for men and 0.9 years for women from 2019. Many now live […]
  • January is a difficult month for many people. Some suffer from seasonal affective disorder, sometimes known as “winter depression”. Others are anxious as credit card bills arrive reminding us of how much we spent at Christmas. At the end of December 2021 people in Britain owed £1,765 billion. This was £1213 more for each adult […]
  • Dr Allen Ault is a trained psychologist who began working in the U.S prison system in order to help and rehabilitate people but became the corrections commissioner for the U.S. state of Georgia. One of his responsibilities was overseeing executions at the prison. He oversaw 5 executions and says, “I have spent a lifetime regretting […]
  • This year is the 250th anniversary of the publishing of the hymn “Amazing Grace” written by John Newton. The hymn is John’s testimony to his personal experience of God’s grace. Grace means “undeserved kindness.” John was nurtured by a Christian mother who taught him the Bible from an early age but, sadly, when he was […]
  • A New Year has dawned. The holiday is over, and life is returning to its normal daily routine. The days are dark and wet, and the credit card bills will soon arrive. The new year is a time to look forward, but the future looks very uncertain. The war in Ukraine continues. Climate change is […]
  • Christmas is a special time of the year. The preparations begin weeks before. There is a long list of things to be done; cards and presents to be bought, decorations and Christmas trees to be put up, school concerts and carol services, food to be bought and cooked, time with the family and for parents […]
  • This Christmas people in every part of the world are facing very serious difficulties. The continuing war in Ukraine is inflicting great suffering on ordinary people who are facing very cold winter weather without heating and water. Many families also feel deeply the loss of loved ones who have died in the war. People in […]
  • Phillips Brooks, the rector of Holy Trinity Church in Philadelphia, wrote the carol “O little town of Bethlehem” for the Sunday School children at his church. On Christmas Eve 1865, Phillips rode on horseback from Jerusalem to Bethlehem. Before dark he rode out of the town to a field like the one where angels appeared […]
  • Charles Wesley wrote “Hark! The herald angels sing”, one of the best-known Christmas carols. Charles was the brother of John Wesley, the leader of the English Methodists in the 18th century revival. Charles wrote more than 6000 hymns. His aim was to teach ordinary people, many of whom were poor and illiterate, the great truths […]
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