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Paula’s page

Paula was born and brought up in Cardiff.

She became a Christian at the age of 19, and joined St Mellons Baptist Church where she had attended Sunday School for many years. She is still a member of our church.

After spending some time working in secondary schools alongside children with behavioural and learning difficulties, Paula realised that she had a God-given gift for loving and caring for challenging children, for whom many others have little time. Paula then trained as a primary school teacher, and taught at an inner city school in Birmingham.

For many years Paula had the desire to go to South America and share the gospel with the children living on the streets, and in 2004 she had the opportunity to go to Brazil with a short term team, spending time on the streets and experiencing the work firsthand. It was at this time that the Lord began to call her to work full time in this ministry.

In 2008 Paula left teaching and began 2 years theological training at WEST in Bridgend, before leaving the UK in 2011 to go to Brazil as a missionary. After a year of learning Portugese, Paula began working with Project ARCA (Assistance and Recuperation for Children and Adolescents) which is based in the bustling, very humid city of Belem in the north of Brazil, almost on the equator and sitting on the Amazon river.

Brazil is a huge country, 35 times the size of Great Britain. At present there are about 12 million children living on the streets, due to reasons such as abuse and family breakdown. The streets are very dangerous and children face threats from non-street people as well as those who live on the streets. Most are involved with substance abuse and drugs.

In 2016 Paula’s work in Belem changed as she began working part-time with the ‘New Directions’ team of Pro-Vida, a missionary project that involves going into prisons to share the gospel with teenagers there.