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Real lives

What is a Christian? Somebody who goes to church? Somebody who says their prayers and reads the Bible? Perhaps somebody who is kind to others? Or someone who has been baptised?

Well, hopefully these things will be evident in the life of someone who is a Christian, but they do not make someone a Christian.

A Christian is somebody who has a relationship with the living God, through the perfect work of Jesus Christ. It is not about what they do but what Jesus has done. Each member of St Mellons Baptist Church claims this to be true for themselves. We are all sinners who have come to trust in Jesus Christ as our Saviour.

Below are links to a number of ‘testimonies’, real life stories of how different people have come to know God themselves through Jesus. Each story is different, but the God in each story is exactly the same.


My search for Jesus


God wouldn't let me go


A lasting faith


A gradual awakening


A gradual awakening


God's plan for a life