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Albert - My search for Jesus

Albert started coming to St Mellons Baptist Church at our first ever service at Willowbrook Primary School.

In 1959 I was living in Pontypridd when my mother died and I went to stay with a Christian family. They took me to their local church for the Christmas Eve Service. I was very impressed but couldn’t get over my mother’s death. On Friday 21st October 1966 I found myself and hundreds of men on a hillside in South Wales trying to divert sludge and mud away from a school, ‘Pant Glas’, at the bottom of a hill. The place was Aberfan. I asked the Lord and myself, why did so many children have to die on that day? 116 children and 28 adults.

On 7th June 1969 I married Joyce and we have two daughters and four grandchildren.


In 1982 I was a member of the Mortar Platoon 1st Royal Regiment of Wales, which was part of 5 Infantry Brigade. At the time when the battalion was getting ready to move to Germany to take over from 1st Royal Welsh Fusiliers, the Falklands War broke out and we were replaced in 5 Infantry Brigade by the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards. They suffered many casualties whilst on board the RLA Sir Galahad. Those who were mostly affected were the mortar platoon. Was this good luck, or was God looking after me!?


In 2007 after nearly two years of illness I was taken to Queen Elizabeth Hospital for a liver transplant. Four years later I can read, write, talk and walk with a stick. My wife was told by the doctors that because of my age and problems I was lucky to be alive and that ‘someone up there’ must be looking out for me!


In February 2011 I was walking my dogs and saw a sign for St Mellons Baptist Church starting at Willowbrook School on the first Sunday in March. So with my hands shaking with nerves I attended on the first day and was given a warm welcome by Tim, Gill and Tracey. I sat down for the service with Ben and Catherine while Pastor Andy preached. Over coffee I was introduced to Rachael who took me off to the evening service at the chapel. I haven’t looked back since then, attending both Sunday services as well as Wednesday night Bible study and prayer meetings.

I began reading the Bible and praying every day, wanting to know more and to find a personal relationship with God.


The Lord entered my life on Sunday 15th January 2012 while Pastor Andy was preaching on John 13:19. I am a young 67 and my life has changed for ever. Looking back I wonder what my life would have been like if I had become a Christian in 1959 instead of being a doubting Thomas.

I thank all the members of St Mellons Baptist Church for finding me in the wilderness. Through their teaching, knowledge, guidance and kindness I was brought to the Lord. In fact looking back and knowing what I know now, I can see the Lord was always with me. But when I believed, he showed himself to me.

I have been given a second chance of a new life and I am going to hold onto it with both hands.